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It can be difficult, emotional and overwhelming navigating the “correct” approach to breastfeeding and being a new mum through books, online content and Mother’s Group conversations. You’re not alone!

Most western women don’t grow up watching babies breastfeed or women breastfeeding their babies. Many women first experience breastfeeding up close when it’s time to feed their newborn. It’s not uncommon for new mums to feel extremely overwhelmed.

We mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for childbirth but very little thought is given to how we care for our newborns after birth.

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My consultation is covered by most Private Health Insurance, depending on your level of cover.

My consultation is covered by most Private Health Insurance, depending on your level of cover.

Certified and Accredited

Providing evidence-based breastfeeding support. With over 20 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Maternal Child Health Nurse and an IBCLC and LCANZ accreditation.

Holistic and empathetic

Taking a holistic approach to enhance your family unit in a relaxed caring manner. Supporting you to achieve your breastfeeding goals and find your rhythm.

Flexible and Personalised Support

Home visits and hours are flexible to suit you. Providing a personal relaxed in-home service as well as phone or Zoom consultations and ongoing support.

About Maree Saines

Hi, I’m Maree. I have 20 years’ experience as a health professional and a certified international Lactation Consultant, I am passionate about supporting and instilling confidence in women and their ability to breastfeed their baby.

As a mother of 2 myself, I understand the ups and downs of breastfeeding and raising little people. I understand how overwhelming, frustrating, emotional and isolating it can be.

I am passionate about removing the pressure and guilt around learning to breastfeed, as well as clarifying the conflicting information that so many new mothers are faced with.

I support all women and family units – offering a safe, non-judgmental space for straight and same-sex couples to uncover your own confidence and become an expert on your baby.

Since 2006 I have serviced the greater Northern Melbourne region, supporting many mothers from refugee and migrant communities, with an acute understanding of cultural, religious and language considerations in a home environment.

bio image of maree

(it's important to connect and feel comfortable with your lactation consultant)


Antenatal breastfeeding education and preparation

Comprehensive one-on-one sessions covering all things lactation. From basic human anatomy and physiology, through to simple techniques on how to feed your baby, troubleshooting common breastfeeding challenges and much more. You’ll come away feeling empowered to give yourself and your baby the best possible start to breastfeeding.

Sleep/settling strategies for new parents

Understanding your newborn’s sleep cycle and recognising your baby’s early tired signs are essential skills for any new parent. I can support you with a gentle loving approach to understand your baby’s sleeping needs. Responding to your baby’s cues will help your baby feel safe and secure. Be better prepared, create better sleep habits and understand your child’s sleep from their developmental perspective.

Postnatal breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding positively influences the physical and emotional health of both mother and newborn. Learn breastfeeding techniques in a supportive one-on-one environment. Sessions will help you develop and improve your confidence in feeding your baby

Tongue tie and lip tie specialist consultation

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is where the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (the lingual frenulum) is abnormally short and may restrict the movement of the tongue. This can impact your baby’s ability to breastfeed effectively. It can cause pain when breastfeeding and is one of the most common misdiagnosed conditions that result in unplanned weaning from breastfeeding. Learn techniques to help your baby attach well and reduce pain and other strategies.


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